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"We use FlightViz to create compelling videos of FOQA events for our pilots."

Captain Bill Yantiss
Manager, Flight Safety Programs,
Quality Assurance, and Auditing

"SimAuthor's FlightViz is integral to visualizing APMS data sets."

Dr. Irv Statler
Program Manager
Aviation Performance Measuring System (APMS)


 "More and more, our customers are asking us for a data visualization
component to work with ADRAS. For us, FlightViz was the logical choice.
SimAuthor is the clear leader in this technology, and that's the solution we
want to provide to our customers. By working together, our companies are
providing a safer, more efficient operating environment."

Matt Glen
Manager of Business Development
Data Management & Recorders
Honeywell Aerospace

"FlightViz allows us to directly determine the accuracy of our AQP Qualification Standards in the training environment, and validates training program changes before they affect operational line flying. FlightViz provides a critical link between our FOQA and AQP training programs."

Dugan Blechschmidt
MD 80 Flight Manager

"We are convinced that this is the optimal 'user friendly' way to keep our pilots interested in day-to-day flight safety," says Captain Finn Dissing, Manager of ACMS Analysis for SAS. "We know that pilots relate better to a visual picture than a sheet of paper covered with numbers and graphs."

Captain Finn Dissing
Manager, ACMS Analysis

Students today learn visually, and anything we can give them to help them see what they are studying is going to enhance the education process."
Alan J. Stolzer

Associate Dean for Aviation
Parks College of Engineering and Aviation
Saint Louis University

 "FlightViz is a perfect medium for recurrent training. It allows us to simply show an event in such a way that pilots can readily draw their own conclusions without an instructor having to point out the correct behavior."

Rich Kaynor
Flight Training Captain

"We continue to think of new applications for this software. It's an extremely powerful tool."

 "Communicating results is the key to FOQA effectiveness. FlightViz makes multi-department communications possible."

Al Baldwin
Manager, Flight Safety

"FlightViz templates make my job of examining multiple data sets much easier."
Doug Wood
FOQA Analyst

"We've seen nothing that communicates to pilots the essence of an event better than FlightViz, and we intend to utilize this capability to augment our existing training programs."

Carl Halford
Manager, Voluntary Aviation Safety Programs

 "The visualization of an incident [using FlightViz] was very interesting because it reflected what we had been feeling about the incident, but that we weren't so sure about. Flight data graphs and spreadsheets simply do not convey the whole picture. The data visualization helped my colleagues and me better understand what occurred."

Captain Terry Newman
Senior Test Pilot

"It's difficult to illustrate ideas with data. It's always easier to describe situations or problems if you can visualize them."

Jon Phelps
Director, Safety and Quality Assurance
Aviation System Standards